Norman Epp

Dancing Graces

Dancing Graces

Flexible arrangement of the sculptures Ariel, Parting Of The Way and Inner Eye Seeing.
Walnut & Steel Sculpture

Raphael painted his classical Renaissance rendition of the Greek archetypal "graces" of charm, natural beauty, fertile creativity entitled Three Graces. Matisse's modern 1910 interpretation entitled Dance emphasized the beauty of natural earthiness. I chose to abstractly emphasize the sensuality of those seminal human yearnings as they dance in a mindfulness of discovery, through multi-dimensional sculpture.


Private Collections



Ariel: Mythological Keeper of the waters of Earth’s “Spring of Life”. A Guardian of the creative forces of Earthly Life.
Inner Eye Seeing:Our Third Eye that sees, perceives, and knows. Perhaps residing in tradition; but continuously anticipating truth beyond established boundaries, rendering old forms obsolete as it transforms contemporary concept.
Parting Of The Way:As the old transforms into a new form there is a “parting of the way”, an initiation into a different contemporary spiritual form based from old roots.