Norman Epp


Imperfection of the Sublime


A freshly organized studio space, raw materials at wait, tools ready for demands that will be. Congregated energies at attendance, some familiar, others to be found out. Artist enters, takes stock, looks to what intention is biding time. This place welcomes beauty: a deeper human living most often beckons. Finding synchronicity conceptually tracks through elegant, and awkward, and rough forms as disparate energies seek way in humanity’s coming to be as one with nature. An unchoreographed dance steadily builds cadence. Searching out the most sensually poignant affective forms of that journey’s spiritual transactions requires truthful portrayal of passionate human naturalness – momentary as those sensations may be. Successful expression touches the sublime. Dancing with the sublime is a spontaneous unpolished affair.


Norman Epp is a Pueblo, CO sculptor whose conceptual sculpture expresses the Art of Natural Conceptual Realism.